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This is a nail biter, who will win? (YouTube)
This is a nail biter, who will win? (YouTube)
This is a nail-biter, who will win: it comes down to mere seconds. (YouTube)

Surely you’ve been on a train inching along, and thought to yourself, “I could get there faster on my own two feet.”

While London’s Underground has been deemed “one of the world’s best metro systems,” Londoner James Heptonstall, 30, saw a challenge and took it; racing London’s Tube from the Mansion House stop to Cannon Street, according to Orange News.

Heptonstall talked about his motivation: “I usually get the Northern line to work in the morning, it is not an enjoyable experience so I sometimes run or cycle if I can.”

Heptonstall, who competes on England’s Open Touch Rugby squad, sprinted the 380 meters between the two stops with a camera in tow. His friend Noel Carroll stayed on the train, documenting the trip, meeting Heptonstall at the end.

We admit, most people might casually walk it, if on their way to work, but here are the end results (did he win?):

You can catch up with these guys on Twitter using the hash tag: #RACEtheTUBE

Do you feel like you just ran a race?

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By Brigid Brown