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Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley (Pic: Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)
Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley (Pic: Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)
Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley (Pic: Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

In the world of intensely secret private nuptials between secretive people who happen to be in the public eye, who can truly say what is fact and what is fiction? Well, sometimes the tabloids can, but even they tend to ruin their best scoops with quotes from unnamed ‘sources’ that all seem to talk like newspaper journalists write, so that the facts, such as they are, come dressed in fictional coats. It is most confusing.

By which I mean to say that this news story could very well not be a story, and given that the events described are two months old even if they are true, it scarcely counts as news either.

So why mention it? Well it’s Tom Hardy isn’t it? And Charlotte Riley. We love those two. And if—as the Sun on Sunday claim (via the Mirror)—they did secretly get married in a castle in the South of France a couple of months ago, well it’s only right and proper to offer sincere congratulations, while spreading the news like the evil gossips we are.

The couple, who met while filming a TV adaptation of Wuthering Heights in 2009, are reported to have jumped the broom in the 18th century Chateau de Roussan in Provence, on the 4th of July, in an intimate ceremony for close friends and family only.

Their engagement, which came shortly after filming finished, had been the topic of some tabloid speculation, with Tom claiming in January 2013 that Charlotte’s work schedule was getting in the way: “You’d have to ask Charlotte when we’re getting married,” he told the Telegraph. “She’s always so busy with work.”

Her response was beautifully direct: “That’s not true at all. He’s a cheeky bugger. We are desperate to do it, but I’ll never have a celebrity wedding. It will be low key, with family and friends.”

And so it was. Possibly.

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By Fraser McAlpine