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Are you ready for Karen Gillan in Selfie on ABC? (ABC)
Are you ready for Karen Gillan in Selfie on ABC? (ABC)
Karen Gillan’s character in Selfie is a wee bit self-involved. (ABC)

Doctor Who‘s Karen Gillan has graduated from companion status, and is now starring in her own show Selfie, premiering tonight (September 30) on ABC. Gillan seems to be enjoying life and work, telling us about it one tweet at a time. Here are some of Gillan’s standout Twitter moments:

1. She’s humble.

2. She’s a trooper (actually a Power Ranger).

3. She’s a fashionista.

4. She’s a photog.

5. She just gets it.

6. She’s an Elvis fan.

7. She can share the spotlight.

8. She’s good at playing alone.

9. She witnessed a marriage proposal.

10. She’s happy to go home to Scotland.

Are you going to watch Selfie tonight?

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