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Karen Gillan in ABC’s Selfie. (ABC)

Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan spotted a billboard of herself starring in the new show Selfie, and like anyone else would, she stopped to take a snap.

We would love to say she took a selfie in front of the Selfie, but this moment was captured the old fashioned route calling on the aid of a friend.

Gillan’s self-deprecating ways never become tiresome with the Twitter caption reading: “Some people are cool … and then there’s me.”

We think you’re cool Karen, really.

The humble tweet squashes any concerns, not that there were any, of Gillan taking on her Selfie character’s self-indulgent ways as seen in the trailer.

ABC’s Selfie hits U.S. TV’s on September 30. If you can’t wait that long, you can take an advance look here.

Would you do the same if you saw a larger-than-life photo of yourself? 

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By Brigid Brown