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Have you ever coined a term amongst your circle of friends and wait to see how long it takes for it to catch on? Let’s be trend-setters and throw a wink of Hobbit into modern day dialogue. There are over 20 languages in J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit novels but Soval Pharë (‘Common Speech’), called Westron in English, is the language of Hobbits and men in Middle-Earth. Do you think it will stick? Watch, by 2015 it will be common speech!

Balc = Horrible

It was pretty balc at the ugly Christmas sweater party. (The Cut)

Barabatter = Quick Talker

That barabatter always gets himself out of tight situations. (AP)

Cast = Gift
Aw, she surprised me with a cast of hazelnut chocolates. (

Hloth = Two-room Dwelling

His apartment was a hloth with the bathtub in the kitchen! (

Kali = Merry

Kali Christmas! (

Labin = Bag
That labin is crackin’. (Shoppingfield)

Ran = Village

It was a fun adventure and now it’s time to head back to the ran. (

Ras = Horn

Oh, go blow your ras somewhere else! (

Raza = Stranger

Everyone is a raza before you talk to them. Be social this holiday season! (YPA)

Tapuc = Rabbit

He pulled her number as quick as a tapuc. (

Let us know how it goes?!

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By Brigid Brown