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Benedict Cumberbatch mid-Jar Jar (Pic: MTV)
Benedict Cumberbatch mid-Jar Jar (Pic: MTV)
Benedict Cumberbatch mid-Jar Jar (Pic: MTV)

Oh Comic-Con, what a wealth of astonishments you do offer every year. For the professional watcher of actors and creatives from various geeky (and world-beating) brands, it takes an age to sift through everything and pan for the little nuggets of gold, but rest assured, if you’ve not seen this one, it’s worth it.

So, a couple of weeks back, Benedict Cumberbatch was interviewed by MTV at Comic-Con, ready to take on Dreamworks’ panel for their animated release The Penguins of Madagascar. It’s a fun interview, full of larks and giggles, and then this delightful moment where Josh Horowitz puts some nerdish questions across, expecting Benedict to come unstuck.

However, the task of justifying Jar Jar Binks proved to be too great, and the pair simply resort to doing remarkably good impressions of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’s floppy-eared beanpole fish-lizard irritant:

Here’s the interview in full, in which he also takes a passing stab at Gollum, Timothy Dalton’s Bond and Vin Diesel and offers a few Sherlock hints:

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By Fraser McAlpine