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The answer: just ask him. Sure, it’s all in the name of work, but really, does it take much arm twisting to get David Beckham into his skivvies? Let’s just say, if the retired footballer knew today (August 5) is actually National Underwear Day, brought to us by Freshpair undies, we suspect he’d be out there celebrating with the best of them.

Lucky for all of us, we have some good shots of Beckham in his knickers here:

“You want me to take my shirt off, you say?”

David Beckham, Undershirt, 1

“Wait, you mean this shirt?”


“If you insist.”


“Alright, good?”


“You want me to lay down in my underwear? Okayyy ….”

(Heat Magazine)

“That was my stunt double. Here you go.”


Don’t you wish everything in life was this easy?

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By Brigid Brown