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It doesn’t have the tantalising glimpses of Season 8 that the full trailer a fortnight ago offered — but there’s still something hugely intriguing about the latest Doctor Who teaser clip, which was first shown on BBC One in the U.K. over the weekend. Check it out below:

Aside from giving us a nice look at the inside of the TARDIS — which seems to have had a bit of a lighting-based makeover since Christmas last year — the trailer sees Peter Capaldi‘s Doctor sitting in an oddly serene fashion on the roof, before jolting his eyes open and giving the viewer the one-word instruction to “LISTEN!”

But what does it all mean? What should we be listening out for? Is this anything like “Don’t Blink”? And what’s with the all-over-black outfit the Doctor’s sporting? We’ll hopefully find out the answers to some of these questions when Doctor Who returns to BBC America on Saturday, August 23…

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By Seb Patrick