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Taylor Lautner and Helen Baxendale in 'Cuckoo' (Pic: BBC)
Taylor Lautner and Helen Baxendale in 'Cuckoo' (Pic: BBC)
Taylor Lautner and Helen Baxendale in ‘Cuckoo’ (Pic: BBC)

At the end of last week we were talking about American actors appearing in British TV shows and mentioned the sterling work (pun intended) Andy Samberg had done in BBC Three’s Cuckoo, a show in which a free-thinking hippy marries his way into an uptight British family.

As Andy is far too busy with Brooklyn Nine-Nine to appear in the second series, the production team have come up with a novel twist; to kill off his character and introduce Taylor Lautner from the Twilight franchise as his son Dale.

And it seems Taylor’s loving the freedom of some gross-out British TV comedy, as he told the Radio Times: “It was ridiculous. I thought when I read it it would be a bit contained but it wasn’t. I knew this show would have so many less restrictions that we have had in the US.“

And now there’s a trailer that explains the set-up a bit better:

Yes, that IS Greg Davies from The Inbetweeners, Tyger Drew-Honey from Outnumbered and Helen Baxendale from Friends. Well spotted!

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By Fraser McAlpine