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The royals appear to be enjoying themselves at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, slipping into the background of unsuspecting athletes’ photos.

Just last week the Queen herself was spotted in a photo taken at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre, and now her grandsons, Princes William and Harry, are following suit.

Queen Elizabeth II is seen grinning ear-to-ear in Australian hockey players Jade Taylor and Anna Flanagan‘s selfie:

Prince Harry was spotted hamming it up in the crowd:

Former Olympic boxer Shailer, CEO of Sport Manawatu in New Zealand, later posted a comment on his Facebook page saying he was still smiling about the photobomb writing, “… trying not to let on to the athletes that I’m chuffed, so just playing cool like I normally do.”

We thought Harry’s photobomb was a mere coincidence. But, nope.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is getting in on the fun too:

Hoy, British Olympic gold medal cyclist, just rolled with it.

Who’s next to photobomb?

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By Brigid Brown