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There’s just over a month-and-a-half until Doctor Who returns to television screens worldwide with the premiere of Season 8 and the first full stories starring Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor—and the BBC have been ramping up the anticipation levels with a succession of teaser trailers. This “Two Hearts” teaser, which debuted on Friday, July 4, was described by our own Kevin as “the most unsettling one yet,” and features an ominous, grating voice in addition to referencing the Doctor’s unique physiology…

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Non U.S. viewers can view the teaser here:

In addition, the final writer for Season 8 has been confirmed by the production team. Screenwriter and novelist Frank Cottrell Boyce will contribute the currently untitled tenth episode, which will also feature a guest cast of children including Harley Bird, who is better known as the voice of cartoon character Peppa Pig.

Elsewhere in Doctor Who land this week…

• A lucky audience of fans in Cardiff will be the first to see the Season 8 opener “Deep Breath,” at a special premiere event to launch Doctor Who: The World Tour on August 7.

• Foxes has been telling Digital Spy about the song she has recorded to go along with her upcoming appearance in Season Eight. “It’s a little bit different from what I’d usually do, but it was really nice to be out of my comfort zone,” the singer—real name Louisa Rose Allen—said. While not confirming whether she filmed scenes opposite Peter Capaldi, Foxes admitted that “He’s such a charmer. I was asked who I fancy between Matt [Smith] and him and I was like, ‘Peter!”‘

• The Radio Times offers a fiendish quiz—can you name nine post-2005 Doctor Who stories from a single screenshot alone? We scored 8/9. No, we’re not saying which one we got wrong.

• This fantastic video reimagines 50 years of Doctor Who as an American production, with the Doctors variously played by the likes of Dick van Dyke, Gene Wilder, Donald Glover and… well, we don’t want to spoil them all, but their choice of Twelfth Doctor is particularly brilliant:

• WalesOnline have  put together a list of 28 Twitter accounts every Doctor Who fan should follow to help you keep on top of all the latest news and information. Not that we aren’t doing that for you already, of course.

• has a video gallery of the Doctor through the (re)generations.

Andrew Cartmel, script editor of Sylvester McCoy era, has made one of his occasional returns to Doctor Who, writing a comic strip for the latest edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine.

• How do you make the Weeping Angels even more terrifying? Create them out of old Barbie dolls, as this guide instructs. Shudder.

Doctor Who and Adventure Time have always seemed to pair well, so here’s another delightful crossover! Artist Alex Dempsey has whipped up a charming fanart series called “Adventure Time (and Space).”


• The Batmobile…James Bond’s Aston Martin…and now, joining the ranks of iconic cars…Dino the Dalek? A group of Whovians has created a Dalek car to support the Teenage Cancer Trust in Europe’s annual Wacky Rally. It’s even fully equipped with a rooftop loudspeaker that commands “EXTERMINATE!” on demand.

• Nothing says “cutting-edge technology” quite like the slogan “Step into the ’80s.” Go retro with this compilation of Tom Baker‘s 1980 Prime Computer advertisements:

• “Am I a good man?” the Doctor asked Clara in the first Season 8 teaser trailer. Fan blog DoctorWhoTV have chosen to try and answer that very question with a for and against debate.

• Former showrunner Russell T Davies, in an interview with Attitude magazine recounted by the Radio Times, has stated that the representation of gay characters in film and TV is still far from ideal, and also suggested that the traditional British soap opera may be in danger of fading popularity.

• David Tennant has been speaking from the Victoria, BC set of Gracepoint, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at Fox’s remake of the hit drama Broadchurch:

• Back home in the U.K., meanwhile, David’s theatrical performance in Richard II could be used, along with other Royal Shakespeare Company productions, to help British students pass their English GCSE and A-Level exams, according to the Daily Mirror. We never had former Doctors helping us out when we were at school!

• Let’s finish up with a birthday celebration. In honor of the great Jon Pertwee, whose birthday would have been July 7, Doctor Who TV has rounded up a list of five favorite Third Doctor stories. And, er, not that we need to remind you, but keep that neutron flow polarity reversed ’til we see you next week.

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By Seb Patrick