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Squirrel Obstacle Course
Will he make it? Can he do it? Watch to find out … (YouTube)

The sports scene isn’t just for the two-legged.

British YouTube user Steve Barley has hung food for the squirrels dwelling in his back garden, but he’s making these little guys work for it, reports Jezebel.

Barley has put in both a lot of thought and labor into constructing a full-fledge obstacle course for his garden friends. He’s also set up a camera to record their attempts to conquer the Double Squirrel Assault Course.

The amateur documentarian does a fine job of giving us the play-by-play, coming across like a professional sports commentator. He sets the tone saying, “It’s 5:30am in the morning. Most sensible people are in their beds. But I’m not sensible. I’m on squirrel watch.”

Barley waits patiently. The squirrels do come, stepping up to the challenge.

You can watch the squirrels’ tricky maneuvering to get to the bounty below:

Did you have a favorite line from the commentary?

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By Brigid Brown