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Do you remember the last time you laughed this hard? (YouTube)

For some people, doing press tours is exhausting, but Ricky Gervais always seems like he’s having a blast. He’s been seen laughing so hard during interviews that it’s almost worrisome, like he might hurt himself?

Gervais was just on Jimmy Kimmel Live in March, and it looked like he might bust a gut. He must have had such a nice time that he’s made his return to the U.S., NYC this time, to swing by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Okay, well, technically he’s here to talk up his show Derek, it’s not just a social visit, but you wouldn’t know it based on the topics covered.

Jimmy Fallon invites Gervais to play “Word Sneak” with him, explaining the premise as: “We each get five cards with random words on them. Our goal is to work the words into a conversation as casually and seamlessly as possible.”

They actually do a pretty good job of intertwining words like “breadsticks” and “mullet” into the conversation. After that, it goes a little downhill.

You can check out the results below:

The tone changes when Gervais swings by to see Jon Stewart at The Daily Show. Things get a bit doom and gloom with Gervais talking about how he doesn’t want to die. The conversation started off with his love of “pizza” and “beer,” but his workout regimen is “killing” him. That’s where the conversation takes a turn.

Gervais lists off a bunch of ways he doesn’t want to go out like, “I don’t want to be squashed by a safe.” No, Wile E. Coyote has cornered the market on that exit.

You can check out this dark, yet humorous, exploration of end of life below:

Gervais forgot to talk about Derek, but if you’re keen on checking out the second season, it’s currently available on Netflix.

Is there a career in being a full-time talk show guest?

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