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A singing drunken Brit on a train (pic: YouTube)
A singing drunken Brit on a train (pic: YouTube)
A singing Brit on a train (pic: YouTube)

This clip is a divine meeting of opportunity and circumstance. Under all normally understood British rules of train etiquette, a shouty man getting up in a train carriage and demanding a sing-song, and then putting on the conductor’s hat, would be greeted with a stony and embarrassed silence (and a speedy eviction at the next station).

Heck, even looking at other passengers is frowned upon, especially in the South East of England. So for this sprightly gent to have managed to win over the passengers and created a carriage-wide knees-up on the last train from London Victoria to Ashford International, in leafy Kent, is quite an achievement.

I have no idea what the first song is about, mind you:

Hats off to George Haswell of Maidstone for grabbing the camera and capturing this appalling and total breakdown of the established social order.

What can those passengers have been THINKING?

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By Fraser McAlpine