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(Hidden Cash UK)
The Twitter clues are getting progressively more challenging. (Hidden Cash UK)

Is it just me, or does finding a lone bill on the street really add a spring into your step, leaving you to think, “Today is going to be a good day.” Of course, this is after scanning the area for the money’s owner.

An anonymous group in the U.K. is spreading that feeling by posting clues to their Twitter account @HiddenCash_uk as to where to find envelopes containing pound notes.

It seems the group has borrowed the idea from an unknown philanthropist in Southern California who is hiding wads of cash in plastic Angry Birds, providing tips via the Twitter handle @HiddenCash.

The U.K. “edition” of HiddenCash has already dropped envelopes in Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Brighton and London.

The latest envelope was hidden in Peterborough, England:

Here’s a peek at the Peterborough man who found £50 ($83) earlier today:

On the U.K. group’s Twitter page they call themselves “an anonymous social experiment aiming to help ordinary people! Real cash hidden around the U.K.”

The mere surprise of finding the envelope is enough for someone to exclaim in glee. It’s not really about the money inside: it’s nice to shake things up a bit, and why not with the challenge of a scavenger hunt?

How far do you think this trend will spread?

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By Brigid Brown