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Come July, America can feel like someone cranked the sauna up to eleven. But you can keep the heat from wrecking your outfit by employing some of these cooling sartorial tips.

Chill your jeans
If you must wear full-length denim during the summer, stick your trousers in the freezer overnight. For maximum cool, put them on just before you leave the house. Not only will this nightly icing kill off any body odor-causing bacteria, it’ll also help chill your below-the-waist parts on that sticky walk to the car, station or bus stop.

Oust unsightly sweat stains
If you wear deodorant, chances are your favorite tops have permanent, tacky-to-the-touch patches on the armpits. Try pre-treating those stubborn pit stains with a spray of lemon juice before putting them in the wash.

Wear an undershirt
Ever wondered why American men wear vests to the office? It’s to keep sweat from reaching their work shirt. Also, a perspiration soaked vest can actually help cool you down. Gross but true.

Crop your vests, ladies
A long top can lengthen the torso and create the illusion of a skinnier middle. But it can also make you sweat like kebab lettuce. Take advantage of the fact that crop tops are trendy again, and slice of the bottom third off your summer vests. If you’re not keen to expose that much flesh—or prefer not to prance about looking like you’re about to record an ‘80s workout video—pair with tummy-concealing high-waisted jeans or a pencil skirt.

Invest in an unlined blazer and a straw hat

Most men’s jackets are lined with satin, silk or some other chic but sweaty fabric. If you must wear a coat this summer, seek out something in linen or cotton minus a lining. Pair it with a straw hat (which provides shade while dissipating the heat) to ensure that you look odd enough that folks won’t crowd around you on public transport. Win win.

Buy bra liners
Ever had to spend an afternoon with your arms folded to hide the croissant-shaped sweat patches that have formed on your midriff? Then you need a product like this. These babies will, allegedly, wick away boob sweat before it reaches your clothes.

Carry a hankie
A handkerchief may seem like an archaic accessory—helpful only to delicate Victorian ladies with the vapors. But when your forehead’s gushing like a Texas oil well, it’s the perfect mopping-up tool. A delicate dab here and there will stop your head perspiration from ruining your makeup or putting an unsightly kink in your fringe.

Invest in anti-sweating fabrics
Laboratories are apparently loaded with scientists knitting together uncooperative molecules in a bid to create cloth that will magic away our sweat and neutralize its stench. Uniqlo’s AIRism, for instance, is fast-drying and deodorizes.

Fix broken flip-flops with a hair tie
The most low-fi of summer shoe options is appealing because it’s light, cheap and your feet can breathe. But they’re also flimsy and the straps are given to snapping when you’re running for a bus. What’s a flip-flop wearer to do? Always carry a thick elastic hair tie. Next time your strap breaks, slip the band around your foot and shoe. It’s not elegant but it will stay in place long enough for you to hobble home.

Use deodorant to prevent blisters and smelly feet
Got a pair of strappy summer shoes you love, but they give you blisters the size of blimps? Rub your foot with a stick of deodorant. This will prevent chaffing and also help keep your sockless feet from stinking up your subway car.

Any other tips to stay cool in the sweltering heat?

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