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(NBC/DC Comics)
Do you see the resemblance? (NBC/DC Comics)

NBC just released the trailer for its Britcentric TV series Constantine, premiering this coming fall 2014. You may have seen the film of the same name starring Keanu Reeves, but the series is more true to the DC Comics character with Welsh actor Matt Ryan (ITV’s Collision) looking and sounding the part of occult detective John Constantine with his tousled blonde hair, unshaven look and British accent.

Ryan plays opposite English actress Lucy Griffiths (BBC’s Robin Hood), who portrays a young American girl experiencing a supernatural “awakening.” What she’s awoken to, it happens, is that she’s inherited the ability to see the undead and lost souls. The problem is, they’re not too keen on being visible to a human. Constantine helps her make the unwelcome transition into a demon hunter.

Game of ThronesNeil Marshall (“The Watchers of the Wall” and “Blackwater”) is on board to direct.

In the trailer we find Constantine in a psychiatric hospital after voluntarily checking himself in. A therapist reads off Constantine’s business card, which says, “exorcist and master of the dark arts.”

Constantine corrects him, “That says ‘master’ does it? I should really change that to petty dabbler. I hate to put on airs.”

He doesn’t stay in the hospital for long. After all, there’s a battle between good and evil on the outside. He really can’t be bothered, but then again he’s the only one who can fight the fight.

Watch the trailer below:

Constantine will air Friday nights on NBC this coming fall.

Are you excited to see a British protagonist on American TV? 

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By Brigid Brown