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Benedict Cumberbatch (Pic: Red Carpet News)
Benedict Cumberbatch (Pic: Red Carpet News)
Benedict Cumberbatch (Pic: Red Carpet News TV)

You can’t just ask Benedict Cumberbatch a couple of quick questions, especially on a topic such as the continued popularity of British theater, grab a couple of soundbites and waltz off.

Here’s a video taken a few days ago by Red Carpet News TV, at the first anniversary party for London’s Park Theatre.

You will notice he is un-swerved from his dedication to talking total inspirational sense about the dramatic arts by an attempted videobombing, and the clear presence of a party in the background.

And he draws a firm parallel between his early career and that of Tom Hiddleston, pointing out they both got started in relatively low-key theatrical productions—he playing Shakespeare in the open air in Regent’s Park, Tom in Cheek By Jowl productions—but treating them with the reverence and respect a paying audience deserved:

“I, as everyone else involved, treated it as if it was the RSC or The National as there was a paying audience coming to see Shakespeare – some of them perhaps for the first time, some of them might have seen the play a hundred times before so you have to work hard to justify why the culture should be taking on a classic again.

“Cheek By Jowl, in Tom’s case, was a wonderful example of reinventing and reimagining some classics.”

Here’s the whole thing, because it’s great:

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By Fraser McAlpine