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Some of the non-humans of 'Star Wars'

It’s May 4, which means that because of a pun—the pun that is now bigger than an entire galaxy, far, far away— it is Star Wars day.

Whether you are someone that observes these customs or not very much depends on your personality. You might be someone that likes to take part in the social niceties, or someone that would rather lie down and let the world get on with itself.

You may even be a spiritual little fellow with a penchant for grotty porridge, or a dustbin with attitude.

The point is, you’ll never know unless you take this quiz.

But make sure you answer all the questions all the way to the end: do or do not, there is no try.

Note: just like Star Wars itself, the science involved in this quiz has been greatly exaggerated for dramatic effect.

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By Fraser McAlpine