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(Philip Toscano/PA/AP)
(Philip Toscano/PA/AP)
This sounds like the making of a horror film, “5,000 honeybees take over posh London street.” (Philip Toscano/PA/AP)

Shopping can be seen as a competitive sport when it comes to elbowing your way through the crowds. But when you throw 5,000 honeybees into the scenario, well, the challenge of getting a good deal doesn’t sound quite as enticing.

Shoppers and pedestrians on London’s popular Victoria Street either scattered for safety or were trapped inside the shops when a swarm of 5,000 honeybees traveled from store-to-store looking for a good place to nest, settling on the front window of Topshop this past weekend, reports BBC News.

This image of 5,000 honeybees is not for the faint of heart. (Philip Toscano/PA/AP)
This image of 5,000 honeybees is not for the faint of heart. (Philip Toscano/PA/AP)

Nobody’s keeping score, but if they were, the bees have it with, “Bees 1; Shoppers 0.”

It’s unclear where the bees came from, but it appeared that their queen had moved on, leaving the bees lost. Tony Mann, a trained beekeeper, was called in and told BBC News that the bees were acting “like scouts,” moving down Victoria Street in a swarm.

The swarm was collected into a mobile hive and temporarily moved to the nearby roof of the Westminster Cathedral, where they were looked after by beekeepers.

The bees lost their lead with the beekeepers taking the “win,” but it was a good effort on their part.

The beekeepers, hard at work, were caught on tape. You can hear the cameraman turn to his friend saying, “It’s on your ear. It’s on your ear,” followed by him panning the camera to see a bee just hanging out on the guy’s ear.

You can watch his friend’s reaction below:

What would you do in this situation? More reason to stay out shopping!

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By Brigid Brown