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Patrick Stewart in 'Match' (Photo: Tilted Windmill Productions)
Patrick Stewart in 'Match' (Photo: Tilted Windmill Productions)
Patrick Stewart in ‘Match’ (Photo: Tilted Windmill Productions)

Sir Patrick Stewart has a role in a big film coming up when he reprises the part of Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men: Days of Future Past. But in recent days he’s been at the Tribeca Film Festival promoting the drama Match in which he stars. It’s a much more modest endeavor.

Match involves three characters. “It’s about how their lives become intertwined and it’s an exploration of actions that people have taken in the past and how those actions are coming back to bite them,” says the British actor.

Production on location in New York went quickly. “We shot this movie, I think in 15 days, in an apartment. It was far removed from the experience of X-Men which was what I went on to do.”

Most of the filming was in Inwood in northern Manhattan. Sir Patrick, who has a home in Park Slope in Brooklyn, is quite taken with New York. He’s been drawn to the city from when he first visited decades ago: “I cannot tell you why, but I felt comfortable and at home here, and have done ever since—more comfortable in New York than for many years I ever felt in London,” he says.

Among the changes taking place in New York is the ongoing gentrification of different neighborhoods which some locals view with displeasure as it can displace low-income residents and small businesses.

But Sir Patrick, who admits that in Brooklyn he has been a “gentrifier” in his neighborhood, isn’t overly concerned by the phenomenon. He’s somewhat accepting. “Cities change and develop and grow with the needs of the people who live there,” he says.

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