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A teenage girl unsuccessfully attempts to rescue her cell phone. (Tim Richards/Facebook)

An English teenager, Ella Birchenough, 16, climbed into a storm drain to retrieve her phone but couldn’t get out, reports BBC News.

There have been moments in history with people scarily stuck in small dwellings and it’s an unfortunate case, but this isn’t one of them.

Birchenough was walking home, went to put her phone in her pocket, but missed. The phone fell into the drain and she thought to herself, “I’m not leaving this,” and she jumped in not thinking about the repercussions.

The teenager, who is from the town of Dover in Kent, England, was surrounded by friends and familiar faces and was able to laugh it off.

Birchenough was able to keep her head on straight saying, “I was just laughing the whole time, I have seen the funny side of it. You just have to laugh along with it.”

A bystander, Tim Richards, explained how the two knew each other, “My mum knows her mum and she went to call on her.”

Well, it pays off to live in a town where everyone knows each other.

Richards, such a pal, went on to describe the situation as “a comedy gold moment,” reports BBC.

Brichenough had managed to lift the heavy grate; shimmy halfway down … and that’s where things got messy. She couldn’t completely enter the storm drain, which is probably a good thing, but also couldn’t get back out.

She was able to wiggle a couple of inches, but slipped back down and then became completely “stuck.” Richards and other bystanders tried to pull her out but it just wasn’t happening.

Our first thought is to get lots of butter, but the locals on hand called EMS. Yeah, calling the fire fighters is probably a better idea than lubing her up.

Richards hits the nail on the head when saying, “How she thought she was going to get her phone, I have no idea.”

Really, she probably would have had to gone head first with someone holding her legs. Again, not a good idea or suggested.

Apparently Brichenough was “quite calm and relaxed and saw the funny side of it.”

Her mum, Joanne, was panicked and worried when first hearing the news but she tells the Mail Online, “’I ran out the house, turned the corner, but as soon as I saw her I burst out laughing.”

She said that she thought to herself, “We are never going to get her out of there.”

999 (the U.K. of equivalent of 911) was called at 7:17pm and Birchenough was freed by 7:26pm.

The phone was ruined.

What’s the moral of this story? 

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