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The Who (Pic: "The BBC Sessions")
The Who (Pic: "The BBC Sessions")
The Who (Pic: “The BBC Sessions”)

Never mind the Beatles and their matching jackets; there has never been a rock group where the individual members displayed such preposterously different personalities as the Who.

Everything about Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle and Keith Moon—from the way they dressed to the way they acted to the way they approached making noise—came from a bloody-minded desire to be entirely individual. And not in the way that jigsaw puzzle pieces are individual but slot neatly together to make a unified whole. If the Who was a jigsaw, it would be one made from the pieces for three different puzzles (showing, respectively, a spaceship, a train and a naughty lady), plonked roughly on a tabletop next to a live hedgehog.

The miracle is that somehow, out of all this chaos, came a startlingly powerful musical unit that appears to have demanded little in the way of sonic compromise from any of the people in it. Imagine if that were your life. Just think what you could do if you could be entirely yourself, and your workmates did likewise, and somehow it just worked.

Well now you don’t have to imagine, because with the help of this personality quiz, you can live that dream. And live it to the full!

Note: this amazing journey was not created using actual psychology. Do not throw your monitor out of the window.

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By Fraser McAlpine