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A London-based seller successfully sold six everyday twigs on eBay. (eBay)

A young child may be more keen on playing with the box a gift comes in rather than the actual present. London-based eBay seller Whackychop may have had this in mind when attempting to sell six twigs as playthings to open-minded parents via eBay.

Whackychop, whose actual name is Babak Ganjei, 35, has been an eBay user since 2005, reports Ganjei is an artist and musician, taking his skills to pay the bills online, selling non-traditional items.

The eBay advertisement included a call-for-action reading: “Parents, how many times have you had to break up an argument over a twig? A lot right?”

In his defense, I did play with twigs as a child. But, in my defense, it was a last resort.

The ad goes on to explain why these twigs stand out from the rest: “You try and offer your child a new twig, but what you don’t understand is that, like the Spice Girls, each twig has its own character and you can’t just replace one with another twig.”

When we first saw this, we thought the twigs were carved to look like each Spice Girl, but that’s not the case. But apparently they do have a lot of personality.

The online auction ended on Saturday, April 12, with 27 bids. The final and winning bid came in at £62 ($103), plus £3.20 ($5) for shipping and handling.

We’d be curious to know if the new owner of these fancy pants twigs from De Beauvoir Square, London, plan to use them as toys, put them on display or take them out as a conversation piece at dinner parties. Whatever their use, we’re guessing all of the bidders had a good sense of humor when playing along with Whackychop.

It does make us think, that is a pretty penny for a novelty gift.

Ganjei treats online selling like an extension of his performing with eBay being a virtual stage telling the Express, “eBay is an ideal format as the item exists for the lifespan of the auction and then it is gone. It has an active audience and the way things unfold is based on people’s participation.”

Ganjei expected some friends might see the twigs up for sale and he’d get some laughs, but he was surprised when the eBay auction came to an end with 1,237 people watching.

In addition to selling the Spice Girls-like twigs, Ganjei successfully sold the intellectual rights to a TV show he made up called Honk for £28.00 ($46) on eBay earlier this month.

Do the twigs at least come in a cool box to play with?

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