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(AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)
(AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)
An adorable Vervet Monkey. (AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

With Earth Day coming up next Tuesday (April 22), here are a few natural history docs to help you appreciate all the beauty our Earth has to offer!

1. Joanna Lumley’s Nile

Watch as Joanna Lumley travels the entire length of the Nile river from it’s mouth at Alexandria to its source in the Rwandan mountains.

Watch the four-part series on Acorn TV here!

2. Wild China

This six-part documentary shows you a different side of China. Past the pollution and over-population we always think of lies marvelous landscapes, animals, and traditions. Take a look at a fishing technique from the province Guangxi:

Watch it on Netflix here!

3. The Life of Mammals

The fourth set in the Life on Earth series of natural documentaries written and presented by Sir David Attenborough, The Life of Mammals examines the evolution and habitats of mammals across the globe. Watch the Australian grey kangaroos battle to be the dominant male of the pack:

Watch it on Hulu here!

 4. Weird Nature

Nature is weird, animals are weird, humans are weird, and here’s a doc that highlights all our eccentricities. Like these Caribbean Vervet Monkeys that have a bit of a sweet tooth…

Watch it on Hulu here!

5. Great Barrier Reef

Take a plunge down under, and explore Australia’s expansive Great Barrier Reef and its marine life.

Watch it on Hulu+ here!

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By Kristina Trujillo