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Benedict Cumberbatch (Rex Features via AP Images)
Benedict Cumberbatch (Rex Features via AP Images)
Benedict Cumberbatch, dreamcrusher (Rex Features via AP Images)

Over the weekend, without warning or consent, huge empires of fan-worship were bashed together, imploded and reformed around comments made by Benedict Cumberbatch from just one Q&A session at Oz Comic-Con, at the Adelaide Showgrounds in Australia.

Being a very direct, chatty kind of person, surrounded by people with very intense feelings about his work, he managed to delight an entire audience while simultaneously destroying their hopes of seeing him in at least two of their favorite non-Cumberbatch franchises and bigging up an actor whose current internet popularity rivals his own.

Thankfully, the Australian entertainment site The Iris was responsible for gathering his thoughts, both in a lovely long blog post, and in tiny bullet-tweets like these:

Which is sad news. But not as sad as this…

Because if anyone is cut out to deliver a perfect turn as the Master, it’s the guy who referred mockingly to himself as “Sir or Lord Cumberbatch of London.”

That’s not all: when asked to name actors that he personally finds inspiring, his brief mention of Tom Hiddleston drew an appreciative hubbub from the crowd—an audible “awwww,” apparently—which he was quick to quell, saying: “Oh stop it, I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about these real actors. You should be squealing as much for Rory Kinnear as much as you should for someone with the initials ‘T.H’.”

(Incidentally, Rory Kinnear has just won an Olivier Award for his portrayal of Iago in the National Theatre’s production of Othello. That’s probably the sort of thing Benedict had in mind.)

Not that you can blame him for being unaware of the weight of his words, fandom-wise. Even when Sherlock’s comeback episode “The Empty Hearse” was first on TV, and he was watching it with Martin Freeman round at Steven Moffatt and Sue Vertue’s house, he was unaware of the global froth coming from the social media spectrum: “They were like, ‘You’re trending!’ and I’m like, ‘What?! What the f*** does that even mean?!”

A reaction so adorable it almost makes up for his stamping over our dreams in big boots…

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By Fraser McAlpine