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Ben Miller (Press Association via AP Images)
Ben Miller (Press Association via AP Images)
Ben Miller (Press Association via AP Images)

Here’s something that we should all have seen coming. Ben Miller, one half of the British comedy duo Armstrong and Miller, star of Primeval and Death In Paradise, and a card-carrying science fiction buff, has signed up to appear in Season Eight of Doctor Who.

His comedy cohort Alexander Armstrong has already appeared in the show twice, once as the voice of Sarah Jane Smith’s computer Mr Smith, and once as Madge Arwell’s bomber pilot husband Reg, in the 2011 Christmas special “The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe.”

An excited Ben told the Doctor Who website: “As a committed Whovian I cannot believe my luck in joining the Twelfth Doctor for one of his inaugural adventures. My only worry is that they’ll make me leave the set when I’m not filming.”

Steven Moffat is equally keen, saying: “Mark Gatiss has written us a storming villain for his new episode, and with Capaldi in the TARDIS, we knew we needed somebody special to send everybody behind the sofa. And quite frankly, it’s about time Ben Miller was in Doctor Who!”

And because we never tire of clips like this, here’s Ben and Alexander in action as the RAF pilots:

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By Fraser McAlpine