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Martin Freeman in 'Fargo' (Pic: FX)
Martin Freeman in 'Fargo' (Pic: FX)
Martin Freeman in ‘Fargo’ (Pic: FX)

For the last week or so, the TV channel FX have been sneaking out tiny fragments of their adaptation of the Coen Brothers film Fargo, and mostly these have revolved around bad men in snowy situations doing rotten stuff. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know the sort of thing I mean.

However, the series does star Martin Freeman as the stressed-out small-time insurance salesman Lester Nygaard whose life is starting to get a little too complicated for him to handle—it’s the role originally played by the similarly everymannish William H Macy in the movie.

One of these promotional fragments shows a particularly thoughtful moment, in which Lester is seen sitting on top of a tumble dryer, having a really good think, after having bashed his nose quite hard.

Just the most Martin Freemannish thing imaginable, is it not?

Fargo, which also stars Billy Bob Thornton, airs on FX on April 15, and on Channel 4 in the UK later in the year.

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By Fraser McAlpine