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'Race the Stig' (BBC Worldwide)
‘Race the Stig’ (BBC Worldwide)

Some say he won’t stop until he’s achieved world domination… all we know is, he’s called The Stig—and starting today, he’ll be on your smartphone, where you can race him in a new free game. Released by BBC Worldwide, Top Gear: Race the Stig will allow you to challenge the iconic and mysterious white-helmeted driver while running, ducking obstacles and, of course, driving. Among the famous vehicles from the show, you’ll find Richard Hammond’s “Oliver” and James May’s Amphibious Triumph Herald.

Content will be regularly added to the game, including cars, tracks and even new crash helmets.

The game was developed by British game producer Supersonic Software, which also developed Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution.

• Next week’s Star in a Reasonably Priced Car is Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman on the on the hit TV series. Paul is also starring in the turbo-charged car movie Need for Speed. Take a behind-the-scenes look at Paul’s Top Gear appearance, courtesy of

Not enough Aaron Paul—or fast cars—for you? Take a look at the Need for Speed trailer:

Need for Speed opens next week, March 14, but you can see Aaron Paul before then, on episode 5 of Top Gear, which premieres on Monday, March 10 at 8:30p/7:30c on BBC AMERICA.

• Also on next week’s episode, it’s man (specifically Jeremy Clarkson) versus bike on the streets of London. Will Jezza, with his well-documented skepticism about bicycles being able to co-exist with cars on city streets, survive brushes with buses and turns in traffic? Find out as he’s joined by bike enthusiast James May. The two will even develop their idea of public service TV spots about bikes.

Clarkson: man on a bike. (
Clarkson: man on a bike. (BBC AMERICA)

• Here’s an inside look from this past Monday’s show (March 4), in which Richard Hammond takes on the desert of the United Arab Emirates. Hear what he says about six-wheeled cars:

And here’s an excerpt from the show:

• Also from this week’s show, here’s another special “Stig Cam” installment. Watch the Stig behind the wheel of the Caterham 620R on the Top Gear track—and see the drive from the perspective of the man in white:

• Speaking of The Stig, a six-year-old Australian boy’s dreams of the Top Gear mystery driver became a reality recently. “Pint-sized motoring enthusiast Anthony Hayek meets his hero The Stig,” ran the Australian Daily Telegraph’s headline. Anthony’s mother sent photos of her son decked out as a “mini-Stig” to organizers of this weekend’s Top Gear Festival in Sydney—and that led to the meeting. Anthony says he loves Top Gear “because of how funny they are, and they drive lots of fast cars. The Stig drives all the fast cars—I don’t think he’ll say anything.”

Among the highlights of the weekend’s festival, reports the Australian Courier-Mail, is the world-famous “car bungee jump.”

• And speaking of The Stig again—can we ever speak enough of him?—another die-hard fan donned Stig’s white gear to run a charity marathon in Bath—and stopped running at every red light on the 13-mile course. Miles Taylor, who is himself a racing mechanic, told the Bath Chronicle: “It was just one of those crazy ideas, I love Top Gear, and wanted to go all out.”

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