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We have a date with Tolkien today. (MiddleEarthNews)

Tolkienists worldwide are gathering today, Tuesday, March 25, to read and enjoy the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. The day of recognition has been taking place annually since 2003.

The Tolkien Society, established in 1969, received an inquiry in 2002 from an American journalist asking if a reading day existed. Tolkien’s birthday, January 3, was already being celebrated with a toast but the reading day was a new idea. And an idea the Society was keen on.

The Tolkien Society deliberated over significant dates from Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series, landing on March 25, which marks the downfall of Sauron. The organization thought this day reinforced a day of “hope” and “renewal” and it’d be a nice day to set aside time to re-read a favorite story or pick up a new book for the first time.

Readers of Tolkien are gathering together formally and informally, for lectures, talks and workshops. You can find out about events here or check out the interactive map below:

Tolkien Interactive Event Map

Tolkienists are using Twitter to express their excitement:

If you’re tied up today and can’t find a chunk of time to read, possibly you can sneakily show your appreciation in another way (and read when you get home later):

Start the day off right with a first and second breakfast. (CasualKitchen)
Start the day off right with a first and second breakfast. (CasualKitchen)
“Is there something different about you today?” (Etsy)
Hobbit feet might be hard to pull off but possibly discreetly under your desk. (BS)
Hobbit feet might be hard to pull off! (BS)

How will you be taking part in Tolkien Reading Day?

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By Brigid Brown