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The Bard. (British Museum)
The Bard. (British Museum)
The Bard. (British Museum)

We all have our dark moments, and sometimes it’s as though all you can do is raise your eyes heavenwards and ask the stormy skies above what plan fate has in store for you.

If that sounds remotely familiar, maybe it would help to take a moment to take our personality quiz, just so you can be aware that rotten events are never without precedent, and if you’re headed for ultimate disaster, it might be an idea to be forewarned as to just how bad things can get.

So, why not take a few pointers from the original master of disaster, William Shakespeare (who, incidentally, was born almost exactly 450 years ago).

And if things are looking rosy in your life right now, it won’t hurt to be ready, y’know, just in case…

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By Fraser McAlpine