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(Colbert Report)
Sir Patrick Stewart gets his American on. (Colbert Report)

Steven Colbert discusses issues with the Affordable Care Act on his show The Colbert Report and rather than just giving a strict monologue he calls on the aid of Sir Patrick Stewart to help illustrate the “horror stories” some Americans are finding themselves in.

Stewart’s American accent is very well done, we wouldn’t even suspect he is British, but his impersonation is slightly stereotypical. When we say slightly, that is a major overstatement.We take the scene with a grain of salt, knowing it’s not meant to offend.

Stewart plays Louisiana resident Chuck Dupris, who is not an actor. Wink, wink. Chuck is dressed in denim from head to toe, claims to be an “Average American Joe, who likes to crack open a domestic beer and watch Nascars.” He’s a worker bee, which explains his rough hands. He has a bad case of fisherman’s foot, which leads Colbert to ask, “But surely you have insurance?”

The back-story opens up to Dupris’ story, which you can watch below:

This is Stewart’s third phony news report, having already appeared twice on The Daily Show:

What did you think of Stewart’s latest performance on Comedy Central?

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By Brigid Brown