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(Rex Features via AP Images)
Colour Me Good Benedict Cumberbatch (Mel Elliott/Rex Features)
Colour Me Good Benedict Cumberbatch (Rex Features via AP Images)

It’s a wonderful time to be alive, isn’t it? Spring is starting to happen, there are quality TV shows and movies being made all the time, starring some of the finest actors and actresses in the world, books are being written, music is being made, and Benedict Cumberbatch now has his own coloring book—for grown-ups!

I tell ya, if this isn’t the peak of 2014, it’s going to be an ASTONISHING year.

Colour Me Good Benedict Cumberbatch is the mindbaby of the British artist and publisher Mel Elliott. There are 17 line drawings of Mr Cumberbatch in various situations—including the opportunity to draw him a hearty meal—and some faintly barbed commentary too (although she clearly can’t spell medicine, you may wish to color that second e into an i).

Here’s the cover:

(Rex Features via AP Images)
(Mel Elliott/Rex Features)

Mel explained to AP that her reason for creating this w0rk of wonder is simple: “I just love making and designing colouring books.”

“So, if you already have the box-sets, the T-shirt and even the hat, the new way to show your love of ‘the Batch’ is to colour him good!”

This isn’t even Mel’s first book of this sort, as her previous efforts include Ryan Gosling and Cara Delevingne coloring books and some celebrity paper dolls.

Colour Me Good Benedict Cumberbatch is released on March 21. For more information, visit Mel’s website.

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