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Welcome to another Doctor Who’s Day, and of course we’re all still abuzz with the announcement that Keeley Hawes, who’s been slaying it as DI Lindsay Denton on BBC Two’s Line of Duty this series, will be playing the ultimate villain on Doctor Who‘s upcoming series—a banker named Ms. Delphox. (Some fans have noted that she shares a name with Pokémon figure.)

If you want to get prepared for the Hawes death stare, here are five Keeley performances you can watch while you’re waiting for Ms Delphox to appear.

And while we’re at it, Radio Times managed to track down clips of Keeley acting alongside both Peter Capaldi AND Paul McGann, in Channel 5’s 2001 comedy Hotel!

Those glasses look pretty lethal too, do they not?

Keeley Hawes as Ms. Delphox on 'Doctor Who' (Photo: BBC AMERICA)
Keeley Hawes as Ms. Delphox on ‘Doctor Who’ (Photo: BBC AMERICA)

Here’s what else is going on in space and time this week:

Mark Gatiss has seen the Twelfth Doctor in action, and he is impressed: “I saw a little of Peter Capaldi in action and he is wonderful. I think it will be very exciting for everyone, because it is a more dangerous, more urgent Doctor. It has a side of crazy.”

• Matt Smith has agreed to appear in a special football team for Soccer Aid on June 8, alongside Robbie Williams, Damian Lewis and Jack Whitehall.

Paul McGann wouldn’t mind returning to the TARDIS. “If the same thing were to happen again and [Steven] Moffat were to say ‘Would you come back and do it and I’ll write it?’ Why wouldn’t I want to do it?” the Eighth Doctor said. “If it’s going to be that quality, why wouldn’t you want to do it?”

• Paul is so passionate about it, he tweeted this photo of the Eighth Doctor in Eleven’s TARDIS:

(PHOTO: @pauljmcgann)
(PHOTO: @pauljmcgann)

• Fellow former Doctors Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy were interviewed together backstage, at the London 50th anniversary event, last November.

Here’s a clip of them talking about Peter Capaldi:

Chris Addison, Peter Capaldi’s former colleague on The Thick of It, has this to say about his hopes for the Twelfth Doctor: “what I’ve really missed is the mercurial, unknowable, frightening side of the Doctor. And Peter will give it that, I bet you anything.”

• WhatCulture took a look at the 50 greatest Dalek moments.

Here are ten actors who could rock it as the Master.

Take a look at some awesome Doctor Who fan art, like this “Dogtor Who” piece by tee-kyrin:

"Dogtor Who" by tee-kyrin
“Dogtor Who” by tee-kyrin

Arthur Darvill has given this nice interview about his time on Broadway, in the musical Once, with a little snippet at the end about a (distant) future collaboration he and Karen Gillan have planned:

• Did you know there’s a warehouse in Indianapolis that exclusively sells Doctor Who memorabilia and is open to the public once a month?

• And finally, Tumblr user pattroughton Who-ified Ellen DeGeneres’ epic Oscar selfie:

(PHOTO: pattroughton)
(PHOTO: pattroughton)

• And much like Liza Minnelli, the poor old War Doctor tried to get it in too, but was a little too short to make the cut:

(PHOTO: pattroughton)
(PHOTO: pattroughton)


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By Kristina Trujillo