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Cumberbatch contemplates how dull life must be with an ordinary name. (BBC)
Cumberbatch contemplates how dull life must be with an ordinary name. (BBC)
“Play a non-genius, you say? Fascinating.” (BBC)

Well, for a bit at least.

Having made his name as Sherlock Holmes—a very clever man—and as Stephen Hawking—equally smart—and as Julian Assange (canny) and Vincent Van Gogh (brilliant) and William Pitt (astute) and that rotter in Star Trek Into Darkness (Machiavellian) and now the wartime mathematician Alan Turing (preposterously brainy)… Benedict Cumberbatch has had enough.

Not for him the cerebral gymnastics of inhabiting another precision-tooled mentality, or tortured, brilliant mind. He told T Magazine (possibly with his tongue in his cheek) that this run of pretending to be an astonishing genius has left its mark: “I am so ready to play a really dumb character.”

And that’s dumb as in stupid, not dumb like The Creature in Frankenstein, or dumb for grownups but smart for children, as he was here:

He also makes two other points of immediate interest, the first being that Sherlock fans need to be aware that he’s not the hero we think he is: “I always make it clear that people who become obsessed with him or the idea of him — he’d destroy you. He is an absolute bastard.”

He also, brilliantly, refers to himself as looking like “Sid from Ice Age,” a comparison that is as unkind as it is astute. Which is, of course, yet another word for clever.

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By Fraser McAlpine