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Why so glum Hector? (Egoli)

Simon Pegg reunites with his The World’s End co-star Rosalund Pike in Hector and the Search for Happiness, based on the bestselling book by Francois Lelord. Pegg takes on the title role of Hector. Hector is a successful psychiatrist and his role in life is to help unhappy people become happy. The problem is, he himself is not happy. He’s completely in love with his wife (Pike) and it’s no offense to her or their life together but he’s just not feeling himself. She gives him her blessing and Hector is off … to find happiness.

Where do you start this search? Why not, China. Hector sets off on his adventure and you can tell his disposition has already changed, based on his interaction with the flight attendant, and he hasn’t even left England yet. Doesn’t traveling just do that to you? You get that feeling that anything is possible. Of course, there’s the one problem, there’s no one definition to happiness. Christopher Plummer‘s character sums it up for us, saying, “We should concern ourselves not so much with the pursuit of happiness but with the happiness of pursuit.” Maybe just looking, rather than wanting, takes the edge off a bit.

You can take a peek at the trailer here:

What makes you happy?

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By Brigid Brown