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What happened to your head Tom? Do tell … (YouTube)

Tom Hiddleston (Thor), the 2012 and 2013 Anglo Fan Favorites Winner, has been voted Elle Magazine UK’s 2014 Man of the Year at the Elle Style Awards. Hiddleston wasn’t able to attend the awards ceremony, so he sent a video message instead. It took a couple of takes, but Hiddleston successfully filmed a thank you for the mag, Richard E. Grant who presented the award, and, of course, the fans.

He starts off with a “Helllllo everybody, umm, uhhh … ” He takes a break and in the next take he offers a high five, which he calls a “clap.” He takes another wee break and we see him taking a swig from a beer and then says to himself, “Alright, let’s try one.” In the next take, Hiddleston is interrupted by someone on the other side of the door and he cheerily yells out to them, “Yes!! What??” Mind you, this was being filmed at midnight.

We kind of love these little outtakes that build up to the real deal video. It’s just another example of Hiddleston being his charming self, band-aid (plaster) and all on his forehead.

Hiddleston finally gets on a roll and here is his thank you message in all its glory:

Did you enjoy Tom Hiddleston’s digital thank you note? 

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By Brigid Brown