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Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore star in Non-Stop. (Universal)

Irish actor Liam Neeson stars in the new action flick Non-Stop, which hits theaters today (February 28). Neeson plays an air marshal on a transatlantic flight who is faced with an in-flight murderer.

Neeson and co-star Julianne Moore (Game Change) sit down with MTV News to talk about the film. We learn some good travel takeaways from the seasoned actor:

1) Neeson always opts for the aisle seat. He says, “There’s nothing worse than someone my size being in the window seat and someone falling asleep and you have to climb over them.” Moore likes the window, so they’re good travel companions.

2) Neeson thought out loud, “I should have kept my badge,” so he could skip the security line. This is sort of a tip as what not-to-do, don’t try and imitate an air marshal, even if you star as one in a movie, because TSA will probably know the difference.

3) For nervous fliers, Neeson advises them to, “Take deep breathes. It does work! Take three deep breathes. And enjoy the riiiiide.”

The last tip might work for moviegoers heading out to see Non-Stop with the flick feeling like a ride itself.

You can check out the full interview here and watch the trailer below:

Are you a fan of flying? 

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