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The First Doctor meets the Daleks in "The Daleks"

If you were to compile a list of the people without whom there would probably be no Who, the director Christopher Barry, who died this week at the age of 88, would have to feature towards the top. He was responsible for delivering some of Doctor Who’s most memorable early moments, including the story that gave the show its initial burst of popularity, and most iconic villains, “The Daleks.”

He was also at the helm when Patrick Troughton replaced William Hartnell, in “The Power of the Daleks,” making sure the new Doctor didn’t alienate (no pun intended) hardcore fans. And he was there when Tom Baker had to face the hotchpotch monster with a Time Lord’s mind, in “The Brain Of Morbius.”

And let’s just pause a moment to reflect that he did all this AND he was the man who directed the Jon Pertwee tale “The Daemons,” and therefore filmed the Brigadier giving  one of the most celebrated orders in the whole of Doctor Who‘s 50-year history:

Sonic salutes all round, people.

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

Ben Wheatley, who will be directing the first two episodes of series 8, told io9 that this series will harken back to a more classic Who style.

• Illustrator Jenny Parks has added War Doctor Cat and Catpaldi to her Doctor Mew collection:


In an interview with AssignmentX, Steven Moffat said that unlike with Sherlock, which only requires short occasional commitments of his time, eventually his position as lead writer for Who will end because it “stops [him] doing anything else.”

• Speaking of “The Power of the Daleks,” Den of Geek have included it on their list of the Doctor Who episodes it’s hardest to see, due to the archive being unavailable.

• Want to see a trailer for Doctor Who: Legacy? Course you do:

• Tumblr user wannabeapasta made Ten’s sonic out of Lego and it’s pretty awesome:


• Character Options have released their new series of Doctor Who character figures, including a new Twelfth Doctor figure. Take a look!

• UnrealityTV have been having a good think about how the Twelfth Doctor will be different to the Eleventh.

• TARDIS Archives has a nice Top 10 of references to Doctor Who in other TV shows and games:

• Tumblr user jomeo drew Amy flying alongside a fish finger with custard:


• The people over at WhatCulture have put together a list of 20 Genius DeviantART Creations You Need in Your Life.

• And finally, in the course of wondering what would happen if the Doctor was ever to meet Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock, Unreality TV unearthed this rather good Wholock clip:


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By Kristina Trujillo