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The Beatles
The Beatles

Imagine what it must have been like to meet the Beatles in 1964, as they came to America for the first time. You’d have been some hardened showbiz hack, confused by the sudden arrival of four young men with identical haircuts and a totally charming lack of deference. How to tell which is which?

Well, thankfully they quickly sorted themselves out, presenting distinct personality types that were easy to spot, once you had the knack. John was the cynic, Paul the charmer, George was sardonic and Ringo the down-to-earth clown.

But have you ever wondered how you would fit in among the Fab Four? Which role you would have to fulfill to keep everything in balance, besides that of guitarist, bass player or drummer?

Well, to find out, all you have to do is answer these simple questions.

How many questions, you ask?

Number nine… number nine… number nine… number nine… number nine…

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By Fraser McAlpine