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We all know “Cleveland Rocks” but what you may not know is that it’s topped up with British events and organizations. Check out 10 British things about Cleveland, OH below:

1. The Pub

If you have time at the airport swing by The Pub. (Ozanne)

Whether you’re traveling to Cleveland, Ohio or on your way out, The Pub, conveniently located at Cleveland Airport, is a great way to round off or kick off your trip. The Pub, while sitting in the middle of a bustling airport, gives off that authentic, welcoming public house vibe. The Pub offers British fare like fish and chips and shepherd’s pie. If you don’t have time for a meal, a nicely poured Guinness might hit the spot. Based on reviews, the service might be a tad bit less-than-fast, so if you are in a rush you may want to give it a think. We’ll just chalk it up as the staff wanting you to stay and relax versus actually being “slow.”

2. Scottish American Society

The Scottish American Society members in their tartans. (SAS)
The Scottish American Society is a group of people interested in the culture and history of Scotland and its people. The group is welcoming to all and meets the second Sunday of the month at the Akron Public Library, meeting room level, located at 969 Kenmore Blvd (45 minutes outside of Cleveland). While the meetings are a bit of a drive, the events take place throughout the Cleveland area. In addition to the SAS, Cleveland is home to the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. You can find the social group’s schedule here.

3. Doctor Who Society of Cleveland

Winston the cat at Carol & John’s Comic Shop at 17462 Lorain Ave. (FB)

The Doctor Who Society of Cleveland Facebook group currently has 304 members. The group offers a place for the local community of Doctor Who fans to get together and share idea, cosplay and interests. While the FB page offers a platform and forum, the group does get together offline with fun events, most recently to celebrate the 50th anniversary. You can check out upcoming events here. Another group, showing the Doctor some love, is the Doctor Who and the Companions of Cleveland Facebook group, who are all about keeping Clevelanders in the loop on DW news and events.

4. The Fox and Hound

The fish and chips is served in newspaper. (

The Fox and Hound is a chain restaurant with two locations conveniently located 15 minutes outside of Cleveland in Parma and Mayfield Heights. The Fox and Hound, which pulls its name from hunting at the English countryside, offers American food, alongside British favorites like the classic fish and chips and Newcastle ale. Sounds like a nice, tidy meal to keep you company while watching sports on one of the many screens.

5. Tea at the Ritz-Carlton

(Travelers Who Tea)
It almost looks too good to eat … we stress almost. (Travelers Who Tea)

The Ritz Carlton, located at 1515 West Third St., serves up a mean cuppa’ in their Lobby Lounge on the sixth floor. The seatings are typically offered every Saturday and Sunday, beginning at noon. As usual, a reservation is required. The hotel offers more than one serving including High Tea for $28, which is made up of a pot of tea, finger sandwiches and pastries; and the Light Tea for $23, which is tea and sweets. Special events take place throughout the year like Mother’s Day and a Teddy Bear Tea for the lil’ ones.

6. The Cleveland Royals

Cleveland Roayls head coach Andy Hoggarth is honored for his accomplishments. (ISN)

Cleveland has its very own professional soccer team, the Cleveland Royals, led by head coach Englishman Andy Hoggarth. Hoggarth brings a wealth of experience with strong playing credentials and skilled tactical skills, which he lends to his players. The team was founded in 2011 and competes in the National Premier Soccer League. You can check out the team’s roster and news and events here. The 2014 schedule has yet to be released but will be updated in a timely manner.

7. British Buddies Cleveland

A member of the British Buddies Cleveland has Britished up their kitchen. (BBC)

The British Buddies of Cleveland (BBC) is a British meetup group for British expats and their partners in the Cleveland area. The group is made up of 43 members and the next event will take place at the opening night for The Pub, at the Beachwood Mall, on January 20. Just to be clear, this local watering hole isn’t associated with The Pub (mentioned above), located at Cleveland Airport. The group’s description says the members are “way over 21,” and you have to have a British passport … in case you were thinking of “gate-crashing” the event, so you know what you’re getting into.

8. The Welsh Home 

The Wesh Home is welcoming to everyone. (WH)

The Welsh Home, established in 1922 by The Ladies Auxiliary of the Welsh Society of Cleveland, could be considered a meetup group in some ways. Having worked in a retirement home as a youth, it’s almost like dormitory-style living with your mates down the hall. In this case, it’s one of those situations where it’s nice to be around like-minded people. The Welsh Home was originally created for people with Welsh heritage, but that is no longer a requirement. But there are definitely plenty of Welsh items on display throughout the home and the Welsh friendliness is in abundance. The Welsh Home is located at 22199 Center Ridge Rd. in Rocky River, OH (17 minute drive).

9. British Miniatures

Good things come in small packages. (CMOA)

The Cleveland Museum of Art, located at 11150 East Blvd, has been keen on miniature portraits since their doors opened in 1916. Gifts of miniature portrait collections have been steadily given to the museum and it currently has 170 examples of the fine art form and 19 of those being British. The itty-bitty pieces of British art are organized alphabetically by name here.

10. Open Mic Shakespeare

"O Romeo, Romeo ... are you out there/? I can't see, the lights are really bright on stage!"
“O Romeo, Romeo … are you out there? I can’t see, the lights are really bright!” (TMTH)

The Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, takes place during the summer with the mission: “To produce accessible Shakespearean Theater for the people of North-eastern Ohio, free of charge.” During the off-season the group gets together for “Open Mic Shakespeare,” which sounds utterly intriguing to us. On the first Monday of each month, the group and guests meet up at the Negative Space Gallery and Cafe, at 3820 Superior Ave., where roles are handed out prior to the reading. The roles are switched up each act, to give everyone who wants to read the chance. You can check out the 2014 schedule here.

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