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Benedict Cumberbatch, poet.
Benedict Cumberbatch, poet.
Benedict Cumberbatch, poet of love.

Everything about this is wonderful, from the dramatic pauses to the hysterical fan response (which is curiously high-pitched and squealy. I wonder why…)

Last night, Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, and delivered a dramatic reading of R Kelly’s “Black Panties” that is WAY beyond what its author had in mind.

I mean he had to resort to setting these cascading jewels to music, to try and embed their pearlescent gleam within a suitably plush and sumptuous setting using instruments and singing, so that the true wonder of his eternal message shines through.

Whereas, in the hands of a true master, such extremes are no longer necessary.

You’ve just watched it twice haven’t you? And again. And again.

Here’s the full interview, should you wish to take a break in an hour or so:

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By Fraser McAlpine