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Jenna Coleman and Matt Smith in 'The TIme of the Doctor'

Around this time of year, the UK wing of the BBC like to put out a trailer or two with little clips from their upcoming festive specials, so that everyone knows where the real entertainment is happening in between gifts, mince pies and curious custard-based drinks.

And as this year is the year in which Sherlock makes his return, and the Matt Smith version of the Doctor bids a fond farewell, we’ve been scouring these trailers for clues as to what may be about to happen.

Naturally, if there were strong enough clues to constitute a plot-spoiler, it would make for a pretty poor trailer, so you can rest assured that anything we bring to your attention here serves to do little more than an appetiser of the feast ahead. Plus there are a lot of other shows to wade through before you get to the bits you particularly want.

Here’s the first trailer, in which Clara takes someone special home for Christmas:

And a slightly longer version, with the Doctor bellowing a hello as he strides through the snow:

And then there’s this one, with some more hellos from the Doctor, some pensive looks from Mycroft Holmes and John Watson, and the dark shadow of Sherlock Holmes stalking about:

Oh yeah, and some Silence, some Daleks, some Cybermen and Jenna Coleman in something red and ruffly (from the period drama Death Comes To Pemberley).

Days pass too slowly sometimes, don’t they?

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By Fraser McAlpine