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Whether you get your strongest feels from Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, or Game of Thrones, I think we can all appreciate this year of fandoms.

1. Loki goes to San Diego Comic Con

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) “burns with glorious purpose” as he interrupts the Marvel Cinematic Universe Panel.

2. Matt Smith and David Tennant answer Doctor Who fan questions on The Graham Norton Show

Once you get past the shock of the two Doctors’ HAIR, you can be bemused by their cheeky interactions with a few Whovians, including an uncanny Eleventh Doctor lookalike.

3. Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch offer a special message to Comic-Con fans in their absence

This brought down the house…

4. Captain Picard sings “Let it Snow”

Sort of…

5. BadLipReading does Game of Thrones: “Medieval Land Fun-Time World” edition

It’s ridiculously hilarious. Also, some language may be offensive or NSFW.

6. The JesterLads use “the force” 

“The force is strong with this one” as he keeps this elevator at King’s College London from closing.

7. Improv Everywhere does Lord of the Rings in Real Life

Gandalf isn’t very successful.

8. Improv Everywhere also did Harry Potter in Real Life.

And they confuse a lot of Penn Station employees.

9. Blink Box creates the first Star Trek inspired teleporter

Just kidding! But the onlookers didn’t know that, hehe.

10. A dramatic reading of One Direction YouTube comments

These two men dramatically recite an argument between two Directioners on youtube. Language is NSFW.

11. Fans reactions to Game of Thrones “Rains of Castamere” Red Wedding scene


12. Maisie Williams’s golden Red Wedding reaction vine


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By Kristina Trujillo