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John Lewis was caught off guard with this letter. (Twitter)

The John Lewis department store in Cambridge, England, received a handwritten letter of apology from a 5-year-old shopper, named Faith, who mistakenly broke a bauble, reports BBC News. A bauble, as you may know, is a round, glass Christmas ornament.

We picture wee Faith twiddling her thumbs nervously the whole trip home, pondering the best way to explain this to her mum. We’re guessing the accident didn’t come up while they were still in the store, hence the sending of the letter, which included £2.

The first bit of the letter reads, “to John Lewis Cambridge. I’m sorry I broke a Christmas bauble on Saturday. It cost two pounds. Here is the money for it.”

Two pounds were taped to the letter, followed by a second apology, which appeared below the money reading, “Sorry again. Faith. Age 5.”

She went above and beyond a typical apology, including a drawing of a young girl holding … umm … Christmas baubles? As well, she included a picture of a heart.

Here is the entire letter:

John Lewis Letter, LARGE

Dominic Joyce, John Lewis Cambridge General Manager, was touched by the letter and wanted to respond to her note saying, “It was just the sweetest letter. It was addressed to the ‘John Lewis Christmas Department.’”

John Lewis has an entire department dedicated to Christmas? Oh, wait … those are the words of a five-year-old.

Joyce wanted to reply to her letter, say thank you and reassure her everything was okay, but there was no return label. He points out the drawing saying, “We think the drawing is of her holding the bauble, it may be a self portrait, but other than that we had nothing else to go on.”

That is a good drawing but yeah, not much of a lead. We don’t think they’d be able to determine her identity with just that.

The department store took to Twitter to try and reach out to the 5-year-old through her family—who they believed was local since the letter was postmarked in Cambridge—with people re-posting the letter and tagging #FindFaith; resulting in media outlets in the area picking up the story.

Faith’s mum saw the reports and called the store to check in, explaining they didn’t want to do any sort of interview with Faith being a “shy little girl,” which is completely understandable. As well, we can guess how the interview would’ve gone: “I broke the bauble, I felt bad, and then I wrote a letter.” Scene.

It was nice of the little girl to send the note and for John Lewis to want to reciprocate with a thank you back and a small gift, which will be sent now that they’ve been in touch with her mum.

This Christmas tale is all tidied up in a nice lil’ package.

What do you think of John Lewis trying to find the letter writer? 

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By Brigid Brown