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Christmas Clara
Christmas Clara

It’s a curious feeling, looking forward to all the joy of a normal Christmas, looking forward to a new Doctor Who adventure in the middle of it all (just like there is every year), and yet knowing that by the end of it we’ll have said goodbye to our current and beloved Doctor and welcomed in a new one.

So, with that combination of sweet and sour thoughts at the forefront of our minds, here’s a ragbag and teetering pile of the week’s Who-related stuff, in which we will refer to the imminent arrival of “The Time of the Doctor,” amid all manner of other related Whovian wonders.

Starting with this, the most beautifully-crafted fan video combining Doctor Who and Sherlock, that the internet has ever seen:

And then this gallery of pictures from “The Time of the Doctor,” showing, among other things, the Doctor Who Punch and Judy show.

An interview with Matt Smith in which he says: “I think it’s good for the Doctor to go out with a bang, a crash and a wallop.”

Steven Moffat also said that the tone of Eleven’s regeneration will be very different to Ten’s – expect some comedy!

• So, Matt Smith is technically the 13th Doctor, according to Steven Moffat.

In which case, what is all this “Eleven’s hour is over now” business about?

• 5 Key celestial interventions in Doctor Who.

An interview with Jenna Coleman about “The Time of the Doctor,” in which she says: “saying those words and saying goodbye was never going to be easy.”

• Speaking of which, what will Matt and Jenna miss about working together?

ATTENTION: There is a petition to have this newly discovered planet renamed “Gallifrey.” Take a look at the petition here.

• Director Peter Jackson, of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit fame, said he would still love try to direct an episode of Who. And he would love it even more if they could film in New Zealand.

• Say farewell to Matt Smith and tell us what you’ll miss most about the Eleventh Doctor’s run here!

• Curious as to what Twelve’s outfit will look like? Well, according to RadioTimes‘s source, it’ll be a “bit old fashioned” while still “looking to the future as well.”

• Take a look at tumblr user anthonygrey‘s CARDIS:


• A quote from Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, who says he’s never seen Doctor Who. Well, when would he have had the time?

• This Doctor Who fan has a TARDIS replica shed in her garden, take a look

Matt talks about his new role in the musical of American Psycho (pics here) and jokes “I’ll never be Michael Buble

And the Guardian says “it works superbly thanks to Rupert Goold‘s stylish production, Duncan Sheik‘s music and lyrics and Matt Smith’s beautifully defined performance as the deluded hero.”

Here are 10 historical figures WhatCulture would like to see cross paths with the Doctor.

Momma Smith wasn’t very happy to hear her son was leaving the show, but apparently Matt’s departure, and even his final line, have been brewing in Steven Moffat’s mind for some time now.

• Let’s end on a suitably bittersweet note. Watch as this wonderful fan-made TARDIS soars 100ft into the air for the first time, borne aloft by the ingenuity of its creators and their child-on-Christmas-morn excitment…

And then watch through your fingers as crashes to its death.

What was it Matt said about a crash, bang and a wallop? That.


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By Kristina Trujillo