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Doctor New
Doctor New

Hands up who’s pulled themselves back together after “The Time of the Doctor” then? No one? Thought not.

Well, let’s get ourselves through this roundup of reactions and revelations as best we can, and see how we’re feeling at the end of it.

For starters, Tasha Lem wants to wish you a merry Christmas:

And did you see this deleted scene, in which Clara and the Doctor discuss Christmas dinner?

• We put together our own recap of events, and gathered some of the best GIFs, to pay tribute to some of the strangest and best bits.

This one is particularly good at capturing a moment:

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Source: deathsdaleks on Tumblr

• BBC America have been pulling together tributes from fans to Matt Smith, on the occasion of his departure. There are over 1600 of them, and they make compelling reading.

A particular favorite came from Keri, who wrote: “You didn’t act your age. You spoke baby and horse. You were Kind, lonely, and infinitely cool. Thank you!”

And they fed into this lovely thing, an infographic using the most often-repeated words:

Doctor Who e-card

And it’s available as  an e-card too.

• Some memorable quotations from “The Time of the Doctor”

• A Gallifreyan Christmas Carol.

• The Eighth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith have been added to Doctor Who: Legacy.

• Want to know how they managed to get Matt Smith to look so old? Come this way.

• Want to relive all the other regenerations? Take a look, helpfully placed in the order that they happened to the Doctor.

And of course, this:

• But if you’re feeling fragile, do not watch the Behind the Lens feature on “The Time of the Doctor,” because once Matt Smith starts to well up, there’s a chance you might too:

TTFN! And a happy new year!

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By Fraser McAlpine