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The holiday season is here and it’s the time for giving…or time for asking people to give you things, because you’re actually too broke to get them for yourself, you know, whatever works. So, here’s a compiled list of timey-wimey Doctor Who presents to either give to a Whovian friend or family member instead of that itchy sweater—or to request from a distant relative who may still not know you are no longer a toddler in diapers and has no idea what present to give.

Adipose Toys


The Adipose are cute. Since these little balls of fat (literally) started popping off people in “Partners in Crime,” they’ve been a fan favorite. Here I give you two Adipose gift options:

  • Option A) Adipose Stress Toy – because sometimes you just need to squeeze your worries away, and then smile because it’s just so darn cute.
  • Option B) Adipose Plush Toy – similar idea to A, only it’s bigger and cuddlier.

Series Seven on DVD and Blu-Ray

18295_1Winter is coming (no reference intended), and that means you may have snow days. Or just days where it’s too cold and the idea of venturing out into the world past your living room is really not all that appealing. Sitting on your couch and binge watching Series Seven, however, is always a good option. Plus, with the coming regeneration of Eleven to Twelve, what better preparation is there than getting or giving the gift of Matt Smith‘s final season, cuddling up your Adipose plush, a nice hot chocolate, and crying through the Ponds’ goodbye?

Doctor Who: Monopoly Game

16854_4Now that we’ve established you should never leave your house in the winter, here’s a game that you can basically devote your entire day to playing. Probably one of the most popular and beloved board games, Monopoly, has honored the 50th anniversary with this new Who edition of the game. Battle against your friends (or foes) to build up your intergalactic empire as you race around the board with the help of UNIT and Torchwood.

Doctor Who: The Vault by Marcus Hearn 

The VaultJust recently published in lieu of the anniversary, The Vault is chock-full of 50 years worth of post-production memos, scripts, photos, letters and more tracing all the way back to 1963 when Doctor Who started, making it the perfect present for the most avid Whovian enthusiast.



Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection

Last of the Gaderine by Mark GatissA perfect gift, or gifts, for your Whovian bookworm is this fantastic anniversary collection of eleven novels. The books were written by some of our favorite Who writers, such as Mark Gatiss, feature classic tales, such as “Remembrance of the Daleks,” and are covered in beautiful new artwork.

You can find the books by Doctor here:
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven



The Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote(s)


Though I’m saddened to tell you that it cannot assemble cabinets, these sonic screwdrivers can, however, control all your electronic devices.

First we have the Eleventh Doctor’s sonic which can control up to 39 infrared signals for entertainment devices, which is pretty cool. Plus it also has 13 different wibbly-wobbly sound effects and lights up and pulses while in standby. Get your Eleven’s sonic remote here!


Next we have the Tenth Doctor’s sonic, which is an exact replica of the one David Tennant used during his reign. This clone is a gesture-based remote that is made to look, work, and feel as authentic as humanly, or alien-y, as possible. Get your Ten’s sonic remote here!




Sonic Screwdrivers

Now, if the remote control is a bit more than you were hoping to give, or if no one is willing to buy if your you, that doesn’t mean you still can’t get a sonic and at least pretend to be able to assemble a cabinet. There are a plethora of sonic screwdrivers available to choose from that make great stocking stuffers!


A prime gift choice would be the Customized Sonic Screwdriver – this set comes with all sort of different parts and allows you to create your own, personal sonic to fit your very own Doctor personality. Get creative with 80 possible combinations!

If you prefer a specific Doctor’s sonic, though, do no fret, those are available too! Here you can get the Eleventh Doctor’s, here the Tenth, and here you can get River Song’s—red settings and all! Hey, maybe if you get them all you can program the formula to dissolve a door—you know, in case you get locked away in the Tower of London and don’t bother to check if the door’s locked.

The Inflatable TARDIS


Yep, that’s right, an inflatable TARDIS. First of all, this puppy can be opened, meaning you can set up a little seat and hang out inside. Second, it makes for a very distinctive decoration piece, and probably a really great conversation starter when you have guests over. Third, it’s a really obvious good hide-and-go-seek spot, so the kids will love it. Overall, this is just really cool, and I’m sure many a Whovian would be really excited to get one.




The Fourth Doctor’s Scarf


Probably the most memorable costume piece in the history of Doctor Who is the scarf Tom Baker wore as the Fourth Doctor. It’s long, colorful pattern is easily recognizable by any fan, even those who haven’t watched the classic series. Now, I know some people prefer to receive or give clothing items, so this is for you guys! Plus, with the cold coming in, you’ll need something to wrap up in to help tread the arctic climates. And even if you don’t live in a place that gets particularly cold in the winter, the scarf can simply be worn as a fashion statement, or to cosplay, or really you can just get one because you want it. It’s the holidays, we don’t need reasons for why we want our presents, hmph!

Also, there’s a shorter version of the scarf if you find the 12′ to be a little too long or intimidating and that can be found here.

What Whovian presents are on your wish lists? Comment below!

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