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Did his clothes regenerate off?

I know, I know, we’re past the sign that warns of the dangers of going on and on about this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special. There are other things in the universe besides Matt Smith, regeneration, TARDISes and time travel.

Except for two things. 1: no there aren’t, and 2: LOOK AT THESE PICTURES!

The gallery of “The Time of the Doctor” preview shots from the Doctor Who website has been rich pickings over the past couple of weeks, showing off wooden Cybermen, punch and judy Doctors and disco Silences, but let’s face it, if we knew this was on the way we’ve have held off until now.

And not only is the Doctor naked in the TARDIS, for reasons one can’t begin to imagine, but Clara’s in there with him. Look!

Clara and the naked Doctor - The Time of the Doctor

I would say we’ll try and moderate the excitement from here on in, to avoid overkill, but frankly I’m not sure what’s coming next and it might just be too thrilling to ignore.

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By Fraser McAlpine