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Bowie bows.
Bowie bows.

Be warned, this story drops names of rock royalty like Santa Claus drops glitter.

Yesterday, the BBC Radio station 6Music ran a two-hour holiday special called This Is Radio Clash, in which Mick Jones and Paul Simenon from, you’ve guessed it, the Clash, span a few yarns, told a few tales, and played a few of their favorite records.

It was a lovingly-curated affair, and contained one of the very few public pronouncements from David Bowie, besides releasing his startlingly good comeback album “The Next Day,” back in March.

He recorded a special Christmas message, in which he elected to do an Elvis impression of (at best) shaky quality.

In fact, it’s only when he says his name that he really sounds like himself:

And it’s definitely him, it was confirmed by his official twitter feed.


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By Fraser McAlpine